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Forge & Furnace Tumulus is no more and no less as an owner's hobby that has gotten out of hand. In addition to the forge activities that have been practiced on various scales for 25 years, bronze casting and ceramic design have also been added. In order to afford a valuable hobby and to prevent a build-up of the creations, some of the creations are also for sale now.

If you are interested in exhibiting the work of 'F & F Tumulus' or if you need cooperation to realize your own work, do not hesitate to contact us soon.

The reason to call the little studio ‘Forge & Furnace Tumulus’ is the presence of 5 ancient Roman tumuli (burial tombs) within a radius of 2 kilometres around the location of our smithy. If you look at some of the work from the smithy and foundry the name choice becomes also clear.

With a background of 35 years of experience in metalworking, the smith Hans is always fascinated by the possibilities offered by the four elements. This is only possible with a deep respect for these forces of nature and an acquired knowledge and expertise. The activities serve only for self-development and knowledge transfer of old and valuable crafts. In daily life, the owner is auditor and expert for quality and occupational safety management.

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